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Polished Concrete

Cleveland Polished Concrete

Cleveland Polished Concrete installations are only achieved thru many years of hands-on practice.  Concrete is a "spectrum material" requiring experienced professionals to be able to "read and respond" to its varying nature.  Local installers of Global Polishing Solutions are fully trained, experienced and top trade professionals.


Polished Concrete Floor Refurbushment

Industrial floors wear, get dingy & need maintenance.  Global Polishing Solutions will restore and refurbish your Cleveland area concrete floors.  Utilizing a combination of cleaners, penetrating hardeners and diamond tooling, GPS returns facilities to a clean, dust free and hygienic status.  Be it a deep clean, surface grind or full scale refinement, clients have come to expect the best from GPS industrial floor services .

Sealing & Dustproofing

Concrete Floor Sealing and Dustproofing

There are times when a Cleveland Polished Concrete refurbishment process is not the best option  A basic cleaning and resealing of the substrate may be the best approach.  Our Cleveland epoxy and sealer installers have cleaned and sealed millions of square feet of concrete flooring.  Clients win thru cost savings and a cleaner working environment.

Industrial Coatings

Cleveland Epoxy and Industrial Coatings, Urethane Cement, Sealers

Cleveland Industrial Coatings are found in most industrial facilities.  Be it an epoxy material to protect around forklift charging stations or a urethane cement for use in food and beverage manufacturing plants, Global Polishing Solutions can handle the widest range of Cleveland epoxy and industrial coating needs. Cleveland, TN installers have years of experience working with these complex materials.


Cleveland Joint Repair Services

Joints are a critical element within an industrial setting.  Control and expansion joints may curl. When they do, it takes a toll on fork lifts, causing repeated and expensive repairs.  Cleveland epoxy and coating professionals use grinders with diamond tooling to bring joints flush, they also fill joints to create smooth, monolithic slabs or can even install new heavy duty joints, where needed.   Maintenance always proves less costly than the lack thereof.

Striping & Repairs

Cleveland Industrial Coatings

Beyond coatings comes striping and repairs.  These require trained technicians with years of experience.  Cleveland Industrial Coating technicians have the tools, materials and wherewithal to fix concrete floors right the first time, every time.  Striping requires careful prep to adhere properly and for longevity.  Global Polishing Solutions has the team ready to bring industrial facilities into a safer operating environment.



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