Duties are:

  1. Surface Preparation:
    • Properly prepare the substrate (usually concrete) by cleaning, grinding, shot blasting, or other methods to ensure adhesion of the epoxy coating.
  2. Epoxy Mixing and Application:
    • Accurately measure and mix epoxy and other coatings materials according to manufacturer specifications.
    • Apply epoxy coatings evenly and smoothly using appropriate tools and techniques, such as rollers, brushes, or squeegees.
  3. Safety and Environmental Compliance:
    • Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines to protect themselves and others on the job site.
    • Follow environmental regulations for handling and disposal of coating materials.
  4. Quality Control:
    • Monitor the quality of the application process, ensuring that the epoxy coating is applied evenly and without defects.
    • Make any necessary adjustments during the application to maintain quality standards.
  5. Project Assistance:
    • Assist in setting up the job site, including moving equipment and materials.
    • Collaborate with the Execution Executive and the project team to ensure project goals are met.
  6. Cleanup and Maintenance:
    • Clean and maintain tools and equipment used in the application process.
    • Properly store and dispose of unused materials.
  7. Documentation:
    • Keep accurate records of the work performed, including the type and quantity of materials used, application conditions, and any issues encountered.

Role Requirements:

  1. Training and Certification:
    • Epoxy floor applicators should have training in epoxy coatings application techniques and safety protocols.
    • Possess relevant certifications or licenses, if required by local regulations.
  2. Experience:
    • Previous experience in epoxy coatings application, preferably in commercial and industrial settings, is often required.
  3. Physical Fitness:
    • The job can be physically demanding, so individuals should be in good physical condition to handle the rigors of surface preparation and coating application.
  4. Attention to Detail:
    • Pay close attention to details to ensure that the epoxy coating is applied correctly and meets quality standards.
  5. Communication Skills:
    • Be able to communicate effectively with team members, the Execution Executive, and clients when necessary.
  6. Problem-Solving:
    • Be prepared to address unexpected challenges or issues that may arise during the application process.
  7. Safety Awareness:
    • Prioritize safety at all times, following safety protocols and guidelines.
  8. Adaptability:
    • Be flexible and adaptable to work in various environments and on different types of projects.
  9. Tools and Equipment Knowledge:
    • Familiarity with the tools and equipment used in epoxy coating applications, such as mixers, rollers, and grinders.
  10. Bi-lingual in English/Spanish is a plus

EOE Benefits:

  • Salaried Position
  • Vacation package consistent with company policy.
  • Healthcare/Dental/Eye Benefits available per company policy
  • Supplemental Insurance Option w/ Company Contribution
  • Bi-Annual bonus program based on tenure and performance.