Orlando Florida Industrial Flooring Contractors

Orlando Florida Industrial Flooring Contractors

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Polished Concrete

Orlando Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is a skill only few master. It requires many years of hands-on experience.  Concrete is a "spectrum material" requiring professionals to be able to "read and respond" to its varying nature.  Orlando Polished Concrete installers are all fully trained, experienced and top trade professionals.


Orlando Concrete Floor Refurbushment

Concrete floors wear, get dingy & need to be maintained.  Global Polishing Solutions restores and refurbishes Metro Orlando industrial flooring.  Utilizing a combination of materials, equipment and skilled hands, GPS gets the job done. Results can be breathtaking.  Be it a deep clean, a light surface grind or full scale floor rejuvenation, clients count on GPS.

Sealing & Dustproofing

Orlando Concrete Floor Sealing and Dustproofing

Often times, full scale industrial concrete floor polishing is not required. A basic cleaning and resealing of the substrate could be the best approach.  Orlando epoxy and sealer installers have cleaned and sealed millions of square feet of concrete flooring. This subset of the full Orlando Polished Concrete floor system can be a lower priced option.


Orlando Concrete Floor Coatings. Epoxy, Urethane Cement, Sealers

Coatings are found in most industrial settings.  Be it a protective epoxy applied around fork lift charging stations or urethane cement for use in food and beverage mfg plants, Global Polishing Solutions is a trusted vendor. They can handle the widest range of Orlando's industrial concrete coating needs.  Orlando epoxy installers have decades of experience working with these complex materials.


Joint Repair Services

Joints in an industrial setting hold special significance. Problematic joints can lead to costly equipment repairs.  Control and expansion joints may curl at their edges. When they do, fork lifts are directly impacted, developing repeated and expensive repairs.  Orlando, Florida professionals use grinders with diamond tooling to bring joints flush, fill joints to create monolithic slabs or even install new heavy duty joints where needed.   Industrial Floor Maintenance is always less costly than the lack thereof.

Striping & Repairs

Floor Striping and Repairs

Beyond Orlando epoxy & industrial coatings comes line striping and repairs.  These also require trained technicians with years of experience.  Orlando technicians have the tools, materials and wherewithal to fix concrete floors right the first time, every time.  Striping requires careful prep to adhere properly.  Global Polishing Solutions has the team ready to bring your industrial facility back to a safe, clean operating environment.

Trowel Polished Concrete and Orlando Industrial Coatings

What's special about Global Polishing Solutions?

More than just a flooring vendor, GPS is a fully connected enterprise.

GPS operates within the hub of these guiding principles:

PEOPLE - GPS is genuinely excited to be able to employ and provide both living wages and benefits to their team members.  As a growing enterprise, the bigger GPS has become, the more support they have extended their employees.  GPS promotes from within and takes every opportunity to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.  GPS is a company which appreciates their staff & never loses sight of "who" is on the front lines, serving customers.

COMMUNITY - Once a project is complete, GPS seeks out a local charity.  GPS calls it their "Construction Heros" program.  The goal is to leave positive impressions wherever they operate.  Every community is different and all have various needs.  Be it a food bank, a shelter, a veterans support group, etc, GPS hopes others in the construction community will follow their lead & embrace the "Construction Hero" concept.

ENVIRONMENTGlobal Polishing Solutions is an environmental leader via advocacy and the use of Slurry Monster.  SM is a project site slurry management system that meets and/or exceeds EPA CFR 40 for hazardous material management requirements. * Neither concrete slurry nor slurry water is approved for disposal in landfills or storm drains and must be treated at the project site then disposed of properly.* GPS is a fully approved administrator of the Slurry Monster system. This system includes BOTH the management AND disposal of these hazardous materials.  These dangerous materials are now disposed of with documented 3rd party analysis before they are ever delivered to an approved landfill.




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