The commercial construction industry accounted for 37% of global CO2 emissions measured in 2021. This makes the benefits of polished concrete flooring a vital topic when finishing your retail space.

Concrete was once viewed as industrial and cheap. Today, finished concrete floors have become the desirable go-to flooring option.

The main reason for this change in opinion is the many benefits of using polished concrete floors. If you own or operate a commercial building, you can experience these benefits by having polished concrete floors.

Environmentally Friendly

Laying concrete floors is crucial to commercial and industrial building construction. Polished concrete flooring is a sustainable choice.

It utilizes the slab that already gets laid as part of the initial construction. This reduces the use of new or more flooring materials, reducing energy and materials consumption.

Once polished, the highly reflective nature of smooth concrete increases light reflection. This reduces the need for added artificial lighting.

That way, you reduce the number of light fixtures. Fewer lights mean lower energy consumption during building operations.

In addition, concrete floors do not emit the same harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) as other flooring options. Synthetic flooring like carpets, vinyl, laminate, and hardwood floors can emit toxic compounds into the air. This is harmful to the environment and the employees working in the building.

Custom Flooring Design

Choosing a polished concrete finish gives you more options for customization during the finishing process. This lets you easily customize the look of your flooring to match your building or business aesthetics. That way, you can create a visual design that imparts the right impression on employees and guests.

Customizing options could include staining, texturizing, or even decorative engraving. You could embrace the look of the concrete by choosing to leave the polished concrete bare. Or you could transform the look of the concrete to elevate it into a luxurious-looking finish.

Cost-Effective Flooring

A polished concrete floor is a cost-effective flooring solution. During construction, it presents savings by eliminating the need for added flooring materials. This reduces materials costs and the labor cost to install it.

The cost of polishing and finishing concrete is noticeably more affordable. This creates more budget space for customized finishes and coatings that increase durability.

Post-installation, polished concrete floors have lower maintenance and repair costs. This represents reduced overhead and building maintenance costs.

Long-term, polished concrete floors last significantly longer than other flooring types. Companies enjoy reduced building upgrades by extending the need to pay for flooring replacement.

Lasting Durability

Concrete can last for decades when properly installed and maintained. It can withstand heavy traffic, industrial machinery, and high levels of daily abuse. Embrace this durability by polishing the concrete and letting it perform as intended.

This useful lifespan lasts significantly longer than laminates, types of vinyl, and carpeting.

Better durability means a reduced need for repairs. Polished concrete is less likely to crack, chip, or break. This reduces your building upkeep costs and premises liability risks.

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining concrete floors with a polished finish is a simple process. The smoothness of polished concrete naturally resists the collection or build-up of dust, dirt, and hair. Routine light sweeping and mopping will maintain the cleanliness and gleam of the concrete.

Depending on the heaviness of use, daily or weekly routine cleaning is all that is required. This will remove watermarks, spills, scuffs, and smudges.

Then, depending on the finish you choose for your concrete flooring, you may need to do more infrequent maintenance tasks. These maintenance needs are still less demanding than the requirements of alternative flooring solutions.


Maintaining a sanitized space can be keeping an office clean. It can also mean ensuring the cleanliness of a manufacturing or medical facility.

Polished concrete flooring can create a smooth and uniform surface. That way, it can be impervious to bacteria, viruses, and other potentially harmful microbes.

You may also apply an anti-microbial coating to the smooth surface of the polished concrete.

Slip-Resistant Surface

OSHA requirements outline that a business must protect its employees by maintaining the flooring. It should be clear of anything that can make walking on the premises dangerous. This includes maintaining the flooring surface so that it is not slippery.

Natural concrete can become slippery when wet. This creates a slip-and-fall safety hazard for employees, customers, and anyone visiting the business premises.

Polished concrete creates a smooth surface for non-slip epoxy coating application. This creates a slightly textured flooring surface that creates a safe working environment.


Some buildings need increased durability to withstand chemical or caustic liquid exposure. Unsealed concrete has a porous surface that allows the permeation of hazardous chemicals. Concrete can withstand exposure to hazardous alkaline and acidic liquids when polished and sealed.

Thermal Shock-Resistant

Concrete can sustain temperature changes, making it an ideal building choice. Using polished concrete as commercial flooring creates a thermal shock-resistant base. This is ideal for floors that risk exposure to rapidly changing temperatures.

This could include regular sanitization cleaning with steam or hot water. Or it could consist of accidents and spills with substances of freezing temperatures. Thermal shock-resistant flooring will not crack, crumble, disbond, or delaminate.

Static Dissipative

Textured flooring can create a build-up of static electricity. Unfinished concrete can have antistatic qualities. This largely depends on the floor’s moisture levels. This makes the flooring unreliable.

A polished and sealed concrete floor has a smooth surface. This creates a more reliable flooring surface that consistently embodies antistatic qualities. That way, the flooring creates a safer working environment and reduces the risk of static damage to sensitive equipment.

Finish Your Building With Polished Concrete

With so many benefits of polished concrete, it is an intelligent choice for commercial facility finishing. You can customize your flooring to meet building and brand aesthetics. The reduced maintenance and increased durability mean long-term cost savings.

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