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Capturing Charlotte's Essence: Duke Energy Plaza's Artistic Flooring Design Has A Twist Of History

In the heart of Uptown Charlotte stands the magnificent Duke Energy Plaza, a towering testament to modern architecture and design and the new corporate headquarters of Duke Energy, one of the nation’s leading providers of electrical power. This iconic building boasts not only over one-million square feet of space, placing it in third spot for largest buildings in Charlotte, but also a stunning presentation of its common areas that pays homage to the rich history and culture of the buildings host city.

Architectural Vision Realized

Gensler, the renowned international architect behind the Duke Energy Plaza project, envisioned a building where everyone, both local and transient, would feel the history and culture of Charlotte in the spirit of the building. Their approach to this project played a pivotal role in bringing this artistic vision to life. They skillfully integrated five significant neighborhoods of Charlotte into the design through the expressive stencils placed on each cafe floor. Gensler’s expertise ensured that the project captured the spirit of the historic city and seamlessly integrated the artistic elements into the building’s overall design. Gensler is dedicated to positively impacting the lives of the people they touch. You can see the work they did here has people at the center of the impressive design they created for this prestigious project.

Creative Use of Flooring

When the opportunity to work with Gensler, DPR Construction and DCO Floors presented itself, Global Polishing Solutions was excited to take on the challenge of enhancing the Duke Energy Plaza’s common areas, turning them into warm, inviting spaces that seamlessly blend industrial aesthetics with vibrant local culture. The secret to this transformation lay in the creative use of flooring products such as Ardex PCT (Polishable Concrete Topping) self-leveling topping and a series of intricate stencil designs used to depict the local history and culture of Charlotte.

Ardex, a leading manufacturer of specialty concrete repair, resurfacing and decorative concrete materials and more, PCT was chosen as a substrate resurfacer for many areas throughout the Duke Energy project. PCT is known for its modern industrial finish, and DCO’s team harnessed its potential to create an atmosphere that displays a modern comfort that is very easy on the eyes and the soul. The result is a flooring solution that not only provides a practical surface but also serves as a canvas for local art and history that the architect incorporated into the design.

Integrating Local Culture

The real genius behind this project lies in the incorporation of Charlotte’s history and culture into the flooring design. DCO’s team utilized five unique patterns, each representing a different historic neighborhood of Charlotte: Center City, North Charlotte, East Charlotte, West Charlotte, and South Charlotte. These renderings artfully incorporated the architectural and cultural elements specific to each area.

The stencils were not just patterns on the floor but vibrant expressions of the city’s essence. Custom colors were carefully chosen to complement each floor’s design theme, creating a harmonious blend of art and functionality.

Sustainability and Longevity

In an environmentally conscious move, concrete, in the form of Ardex, was chosen as the substrate for these areas instead of manufactured flooring options like carpet tile or vinyl. This decision not only reflects sustainability and environmental consciousness but also ensures lasting beauty and low maintenance for years to come.

Exceeding Expectations

Throughout the 14-month journey GPS Floors team worked closely with the project team to overcome and manage various challenges, from dealing with other trades to addressing climate and lighting concerns, hoisting material throughout the massive 40-story structure, down to simply how to get water to the working areas of the building. Their dedication and expertise resulted in a first-class product that met and exceeded the expectations and creative aspirations of both the architect and the client, Duke Energy.

The Duke Energy Plaza project stands as a shining example of how creative flooring design can breathe life and culture into a space while meeting client objectives. It is a testament to the successful synthesis of form and function, where the floor takes center stage in telling Charlotte’s story.

As the Duke Energy Plaza continues to host thousands of employees and visitors, its floors are not just surfaces to walk upon but canvases that inspire and connect with the vibrant spirit of Charlotte, making it a true work of art.

Global Polishing Solutions is honored to have participated in such a prestigious and culturally meaningful project. We are proud of our city and its heritage and history. We look forward to the next challenging project opportunity that comes our way where product selection, innovation, design, and creativity inspired by imagination collide. Contact us for help in any facet of your future project needs.


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