Winter Park Library

Winter Park Library

Creating Comfort With Concrete

In Winter Park, Florida, the Winter Park Library and Events Center stands as a testament to community vision and collaboration. This modern marvel, comprised of two interconnected buildings, has become a vibrant hub for arts and culture in the town. What truly distinguishes this project is its innovative use of polished concrete throughout, reflecting the town’s forward-thinking spirit.

Led by general contractor Brasfield Gorrie, the project aimed to create spaces that catered to the diverse needs of the community. The extensive use of polished concrete, from stadium steps to art pedestals, seamlessly integrates functionality with modern design, enhancing both aesthetics and durability.

Story Area and Performance Room Inside Winter Park Library

The decision to employ polished concrete wasn’t just about looks; it also offers practical benefits like durability and sustainability, ideal for high-traffic areas like libraries and event spaces. The sleek, minimalist look of polished concrete perfectly complements the contemporary design of the buildings.

Inside, the designers balanced the hard surfaces with soft finishes and bold colors, adding depth and texture to the modern architecture. The library features collaborative workspaces, a business center, private study rooms, and state-of-the-art technology labs, catering to various needs.

Winter Park Library

The Events Center boasts a grand ballroom, rooftop meeting spaces, and a terrace overlooking Martin Luther King, Jr. Park, along with an outdoor amphitheater and covered porte-cochère for convenience.

Today, the Winter Park Library and Events Center serves as a symbol of innovation and community pride. It’s a place where residents come together to learn, create, and celebrate. As Winter Park evolves, these buildings remain a cornerstone of its cultural identity, thanks to the enduring beauty and functionality of polished concrete.

Concrete Lobby Seating Surrounding Monumental Stair

It is obvious that both the architectural community and building owners are becoming more comfortable with incorporating concrete into the finished buildings they are designing. The benefits of this type of construction are many. If you need assistance with design, delivery or product selection on your next construction project do not hesitate to contact Global Polishing Solutions for professional assistance. We are glad to help.

Concrete Is An Apparent Design Feature Throughout the Facility

A special thanks goes to The David Allen Company for entrusting GPS Floors to deliver this remarkable project, which has truly a work of art.


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September 2021